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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pretty in Pink?

I love autumn and winter, mainly because I adore A/W fashion and all the layering that it allows, but ever since I saw this shorts and blazer combo even I have found myself wistfully longing for warm weather so I can wear it, or at least consider doing so.

 I can picture the scene: shorts, blazer and crisp white v-neck top with an elegant pair of courts, walking through the streets of Paris or NY (I'm not fussy which) accessorised with a gold watch and a tan. And there's the snag - pastel pink shorts aren't going to flatter my (almost luminous) white legs, nor would my legs flatter the shorts, and fake tan is never going to happen. My usual go-to, a pair of black tights, ain't gonna work without resulting in me resembling a 6 year old who's been given free reign with her wardrobe. It's a real to-do but at least I've got plenty of time before Spring hits to figure it out.


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