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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves" - Shakespeare

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Queen of Prints steals our hearts...

The Queen of Prints has done it again. Mary Katranzou's aw12 collection (must have) wowed on LFW runways this week, as it is simply breathtaking. Never have exaggerated structure and clashing prints looked so elegant. Her Topshop collection basically sold out within hours, and it's no surprise given her incredible talent for eloquently depicting what looks like an imaginative explosion. We bow down in envy.

I'm off to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow, so expect something a little bit special la semaine prochaine... eeeeeeeppp!!!!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fashion is...

We all love it (either that or you're reading this blog because you love me, [lol]), but have you ever thought about what fashion actually symbolises for you? If the answer is no, fear not. Until I read this month's ELLE (and came across some fab ideas on the subject) I don't know that I had a specific answer in my head either, because it's one of those questions that you sort of just assume your clothes can answer without the need for words. It is however a very interesting answer to find - especially when the alternative is about how Almodovar represents women - and if someone asked me now, my answer would be this: Fashion is...feeling invincible because of the clothes you're wearing.
I may have my answer, but do you have yours? Some inspiration to help you on your way...

Elisa Sednaoui - "Fashion is about how you wear clothing, not what you wear"

Mungo Gurney - "Fashion is...A great way of getting a reaction"

Sarah Swash - "Fashion is...Getting to tell a new personal story every 6 months"

Pretty great, non? And now I love and leave you with one of my favourite SS12 ad campaigns. It's not only because it's French that I love LV.

P.S. I am aware that during the last two weeks I may have broken my new years resolution to post twice a week, but, I wore heels for 4 consecutive days, and I acted on my consumer impulse and bought a I guess you could say they cancel each other out?!


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bring it all Back

Fear not! Hope has been fully restored, and it has come in the form of Zara's ss12 collection. It's seriously divine. It's got floaty florals, wonderful prints and subtly structured pieces that will cure all wardrobe blues. Just have a look at these...

There may be a lot in my selection but believe it or not I had to be pretty ruthless in getting it down to that many. It's high street at its best: elegant, feminine and a little bit edgy. Blair Waldorf would be proud! My purse is breathing a sigh of relief that there's no Zara within reach because if there was, I'd be pretty (thanks to the clothes, I'm not being arrogant) but my bank balance would not be. 


Sunday, 5 February 2012

A little bit of hope goes a long way...

Is anyone else quickly falling out of love with SS12 high street collections? I know I'm fussy but they seem to be lacking in many remarkable and exciting pieces. I guess the season is still young (premature in fact), and the unwelcome arrival of snow this weekend has banished any thought of an outfit comprising of less than 4 layers to the back of our minds, so we should definitely not lose hope yet. To help us keep the faith, I thought I'd give you my run down of the 'Best of SS12 (so far)'. These are the pieces that give us a glimmer of hope that there is a light (sun and exciting wardrobe prospects) at the end of the tunnel.

     First up: Topshop. I spent the best part of 30 minutes in the changing rooms on Friday and came away with nothing except the confirmation that overindulgence over Christmas combined with a lazy January doesn't go unpunished. Durham Topshop is, nonetheless (and thankfully), a small store, so my choice was limited, and hence didn't include these beauties (at least this is how the website would lead me to describe them)...

These pieces include a real mixture of elegance and fun which is what makes them stand out for me. I still lie in hope, however, that the best of Topshop SS12 is still to come!