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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fashion is...

We all love it (either that or you're reading this blog because you love me, [lol]), but have you ever thought about what fashion actually symbolises for you? If the answer is no, fear not. Until I read this month's ELLE (and came across some fab ideas on the subject) I don't know that I had a specific answer in my head either, because it's one of those questions that you sort of just assume your clothes can answer without the need for words. It is however a very interesting answer to find - especially when the alternative is about how Almodovar represents women - and if someone asked me now, my answer would be this: Fashion is...feeling invincible because of the clothes you're wearing.
I may have my answer, but do you have yours? Some inspiration to help you on your way...

Elisa Sednaoui - "Fashion is about how you wear clothing, not what you wear"

Mungo Gurney - "Fashion is...A great way of getting a reaction"

Sarah Swash - "Fashion is...Getting to tell a new personal story every 6 months"

Pretty great, non? And now I love and leave you with one of my favourite SS12 ad campaigns. It's not only because it's French that I love LV.

P.S. I am aware that during the last two weeks I may have broken my new years resolution to post twice a week, but, I wore heels for 4 consecutive days, and I acted on my consumer impulse and bought a I guess you could say they cancel each other out?!


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