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Tuesday, 6 March 2012


It's no secret that I am a huge YSL fan - in my world french + fashion is the most winning combination there is - so I have often felt a pang of guilt, almost like I am betraying my beloved Yves, when I feel disappointed by new YSL collections (it's even paining me to admit it). Yes yes yes, I am aware that he is dead and so it is no longer he who actually designs the clothes, but nevertheless it is his legacy and so it deserves the utmost respect.
Imagine how relieved/ecstatic I was today then, when I completely fell in love with the YSL AW12 collection. It is seriously phenomenal. I had to control my excitement upon seeing it as I was in the library at the time, but let me tell you my jaws still dropped in awe. It's almost as if the universe was preparing me for this splendour; just the hour before I had read an article (it was in French and so technically constituted work) that praised Saint Laurent's respect for women and his innovatory ideas on female power dressing. Stefano Pilati translated this perfectly on to the catwalk in his final collection for the label and I am so very glad he did.
Strong lines, elegant cuts and luxurious fabrics, I don't really need to say anything more. An image speaks a thousand words so just take a look at these...

Power never looked so appealing.


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