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Saturday, 3 March 2012

London Fashion Weekend

I'm sitting here reminiscing about how this time last weekend, instead of being faced with a Spanish presentation, I was sitting second row at the LFWeekend fashion show, watching an array of this season's trends pass me by on some seriously skinny models. Sigh...!
I promised some form of special blog, but I am now regretting it as I have zero idea what to write. What can I say?

Et alors, we (my cousin Isabella - the other half of Clarabella - and I) had a seriously amazing weekend which properly kicked off with a trip to Somerset House which was positively beautiful in the spring sunshine. Arriving in our specially selected outfits and looking hot (lol), we were greeted by two rather fetching young men who handed us a mini can of diet coke each - "the best bit is it has zero calories" - yes we were definitely at a fashion event.

Slight embarrassment when we went to collect our show bags - I presented the girl with the wrong tickets and she definitely thought I was some idiot who was trying her luck. However two show bags later - "we actually get free stuff in them?! I thought it was just the bag" - and we were off to the shoe lounge. Lounge was maybe a bit of an exaggeration (try room with tables) but the luxury promised by the idea of a shoe lounge was definitely there. Had we been looking to blow all our money on shoes we would have had no problem - from delicate, pretty little flats, to exquisitely elegant heels this "lounge" had it all - but alas we wanted clothes, not shoes, and so with a wistful glance we bid them farewell.

To the clothes we went. There was an interesting mix of vintage and high end boutiques, a couple of promising items were tried but dismissed due to sizing issues so we were really just enjoying the atmosphere and looking forward to the fashion show, which did not disappoint. SS12 collections from Holly Fulton, Jasper Conran and Antipodium graced the catwalk and left us hoping that the sun would continue to shine so we could put our inspiration from the clothes into action. More so than the clothes, the excitement came from the fact that we were at an actual fashion show, and that just days before actual fashion celebrities had been sitting in these seats doing something similar to what we were doing now.eeep! Unfortunately I realised that my camera was not up to capturing good photographs of the models, so I have cheated a little and found the following on google. My one issue (I am notoriously hard to please) was with the rather annoying Zoe Hardman. She was definitely trying too hard to be fun/cool/likeable and no one should have let her present a catwalk show in the outfit she was wearing, (or in her words, "rocking" - ew).

We thought we had struck gold with the accessories - they were a little bit beautiful - but strike gold was what we would have needed to do to be able to afford some of them, so we sauntered off in a very good mood to find some more clothes. These were more designer; there was a little bit of CĂ©line and Dolce and Gabana to tide over the super-rich, and then there were the other weird and wonderful designers whose collections we browsed through, sighing at the prices and making mental notes that one day we would be wearing clothes like these. If I'm honest I don't remember a lot about the clothes because for me it was more about the atmosphere. I soon realised that anything that caught my eye was too expensive and anything that wasn't too expensive didn't catch my eye. I'm definitely not a price snob as i proceeded to spend my hard-saved cash on the high street, I just didn't see anything that made me go wow I need this.

Before we left we made sure to get our moneys worth and had at least 3 exquisite free smoothies from the Veet stall (a strangely winning combination). Another quick whizz around the clothes to make sure we hadn't missed anything and then we took the leap (re-entry not permitted) to leave what had been a wonderful experience and we bid Somerset house farewell. Getting snapped for street style on the way out made leaving much better!

We had gone in not knowing what to expect, and we came out buzzing. I don't think we could have asked for much more!

Oh!And as if I almost forgot, I finally got the pink blazer that I posted last month. It is a little bit fabulous.


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