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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Say farewell to wedding-outfit blues...

The invitations, will soon arrive (if they don't I think you can probably take it personally), and whilst the happy couple are happy to give you a great big nudge in the right direction when it comes to buying their gift, there is no such help when it comes to buying our outfits. We can however, be sure of the following (ignore at your peril):

You must not, under any circumstances, upstage the bride (I will always respect this because if anyone tries it on me looks really will kill); you must not expose too much skin because you don't want to ruin the classy wedding photos; you don't want to be wearing the same thing as someone else; money doesn't grow on trees so you need something re-wearable...yes wedding outfit's are a bitch. Or at least they were, because panic not I have trawled the internet (sure-fire sign that I've got a lot of work to do) to find you some fabulous wedding outfits that fit all these criteria (budget maybe fluctuates a bit but I never claimed to be perfect).

We all love an excuse to dress up and excuses don't come much better than a wedding, especially a summer wedding. Granted we should always have a pair of tights and an umbrella at the ready, because good old Northern Ireland (or Great Britain for the less fortunate among you) ain't no Spain, but we should be making the most of this opportunity to go a little crazy with the plastic and indulge in the name of fashion (and love for the more sickeningly sweet among us). Think classy, exciting and refreshing and you're on the right track!  

Dress: Jonathon Saunders at Urban Outfitters

Shoes: I want to say Kurt Geiger  but if it turns out I'm wrong then it's ASOS

Clutch: Accessorize

Ring: Topshop

As soon as I saw this dress I knew I had my first outfit. I don't think it's a stereotypical wedding outfit, but if an outfit screams wedding then maybe you need to age 20 years before you wear it. The dress says it all so accessorise with gold to keep classy (San Diego). I would add my very aptly named bin-lids (they are earrings incase you're wondering) to finish it off, but you're going have to use your imagination to picture them because they are an old purchase. Just trust me when I say they would look good!

I'm thinking that wedding outfits could be a nice little series of blogs so get excited and stay the internet version of tuned,


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