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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Never mind the bride, everyone will be looking at you...

I think this is my fave outfit so far. If I hadn't already chosen my outfit - a very elegant full length, possibly diamond-printed dress that I found in mama's wardrobe (this is the best bit because then if someone asks where I got it I can say, with a tone of superiority "oh it's vintage") - then I think I would have made the purchase there and then when I spotted this beauty this morning. Very summery, very chic, and very interesting...what more could you want?

I told you it was fabulous. Dress: Topshop Boutique
Couldn't decide between the two pairs of shoes. If you want to make it a bit more fun I'd go for these tan almost-wedges, but if you'd prefer to remain on the more proper side of elegance, I'd go for the courts. Either way it's win-win because they are both rather excellent choices. (Both Topshop).

Ring: Topshop (do you see a pattern forming?!)

Clutch: Ted Baker (House of Fraser)

The only way you could possibly go wrong in this dress is by looking so amazing that you upstage the bride. Beware of her wrath.


Friday, 13 April 2012

Summer Wedding Outfit numero 2...

Back for number two in the wedding outfit series. I'm having lots of fun finding outfits - (my iPhoto library is crazy!) but unfortunately this means that my italian presentation is still only half done...if I fail, at least I'll fail in the name of fashion, and that's got to be worth it right?!

Thought I'd avoid the stereotypical dress for this one so that you don't write me off as boring (please don't!), so I went for trousers instead. It took a while to find a pair that were formal, and floral, but not offensively so, but Whistles (I think it's my new favourite shop) came to the rescue. The shirt is refreshing and the lack of collar means that it in no way screams office-job at you, rather it screams 'hey look at me I am SO chic'. The shoes that Whistles have paired with the trousers seem perfect to me, you may think I'm being lazy, but I promise you that is not the case (to prove it I even found them)! And I love love love this clutch. It's the perfect finishing touch to an elegant but interesting outfit and as far as jewellery goes, I'd keep it simple with a something sentimental that you are more than likely going to find in your or your mother's jewellery box.

Shirt - Zara

Trousers - Whistles

Sandals - ASOS

Beautiful Clutch - Accessorize
Oh and as for jackets, I'm imagining a pinky/peachy and slightly shorter version of this, but I can't find one to match so you'll just have to imagine it. You may think this is lazy, but I've got work to do remember?!

Jacket - Topshop