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Friday, 18 May 2012

Is Chloe Green the next big shoe designer?HA.

You may be pleased to hear it is time for a rant. The subject of said rant? Chloe Green's debut shoe collection for Topshop. First things first, if her father did not own the store there is no way that this would have happened; her credentials aren't exactly high, and I am sorry (or maybe I'm not) to say that they have not been improved by a blatantly average, hugely overpriced collection of shoes, whose main objective seems to be to make an impact, good or bad (and I'm erring on the wrong side of good).

According to Topshop, Chloe's own 200 strong shoe collection means she knows exactly what girls want and need. Hmm. I don't remember ever wanting or needing anything like these. I am very tempted to call them monstrosities, but maybe that is a little harsh? I could maybe admit to liking one pair, and appreciating that someone else could like one of the other designs (see both below), but that is as far as it goes. Moreover, there is no innovation, and very little variation; head out on to the high street now and I guarantee that you could find something similar. 

Similar that is, except for the 'signature green sole'. I am sorry but do you really want to show off that you are wearing Chloe Green for Topshop? It's more of a blaring statement that says 'hey I can't afford Louboutin and I don't have any appreciation for the reputation of such a prestigious designer'. The red sole works because it is the iconic trademark of a well established brand, and because it is unique. Please don't let this be the beginning of an offensive rainbow coloured pavement every time you lower your gaze. 

Finally...what on earth is going on with the price? The £115-£175 price range is quite frankly ridiculous. I would just about consider paying that for a nice pair of upper-end high street shoes, but for a pair of shoes from the debut collection of a girl who has made her name because her daddy owns Topshop, the price is an insult to the customers. High prices do not equal prestige and exclusivity. These are things that have to be earned, and Chloe Green has certainly not done that yet. Who knows, maybe she will do with future collections - she has confirmed that there will be an AW12 collection. Fab.

The maybe acceptable pair...
Aside from the slight clod-hopperness of these they are quite nice...