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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


So I think it's time for a new post, and what better topic than a royal visit. For any of you not from Northern Ireland, this is no ordinary royal visit (if there is such a thing), no, THE QUEEN CAME TO MY CHURCH!

The excitement that you can sense began when my invitation from Buckingham Palace arrived in the post, making me, as Noel Thompson put it, one of the 750 "dignitaries" who were invited to take part in the service (i'm not going to correct him...).

However, excitement quickly turned to doom when I read on said invitation that "Ladies" were to wear hats. WHAT?! This unfortunate piece of news had me reconsidering my reply of acceptance. I had absolutely no desire to wear a ridiculous contraption on my head that was going to age me by approximately 20 years, and so my shopping antennae went in to overdrive as I searched for the perfect hat. 

I decided my only option was vintage, and so I went on the search for a turban/long-sleeved maxi dress combo, which proved impossible to find. I was envisaging something along these lines, with a plain dress but colour co-ordination was a major issue and in the end I had no choice but to rethink...

10 days to go and the pressure was on as I was still dress and hatless. Thankfully French Connection came to the rescue and I got myself a beautiful and sophisticated navy, long-sleeved, v-necked dress. When I finally found my hat in Ding-Dong Vintage, Durham, the shop assistant told me that the outfit was very Chanel, and with that I was sold (she also told me I suited hats which was a blatant lie, and so obviously her remarks were ploys to secure my purchase, but they worked nonetheless - far be it from me to give up on the chance to channel Chanel)! 

Fit for a Queen?
However, even if I had been Coco Chanel herself, nothing would have taken attention away from the beautiful little lady we call the Queen, and beautiful was indeed an apt description (little too - she is tiny!). I fear I may have lost out on the style-stakes to her gorgeous blue, wedge wood outfit, but hey this is the Queen, a worthy winner if ever there was one. (style file to follow!)

Seeing her walk down the aisle and looking up to see her sat right there was surreal - I can't put my excitement into words - and to make things even better, apparently I looked like an Olsen twin (in my world that is quite possibly the best compliment I could get). It really was my perfect day!

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