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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Should Burberry have branded it like Beckham?

If you haven't seen the pictures yet you obviously haven't heard the news (or perhaps you just have a life) because this is fashion gold: Romeo Beckham is the one of the stars of Burberry's new ad campaign, but it's a role that hasn't come without controversy. Principally, should a 10 year old really be modelling (in such a prestigious campaign), and why does another Beckham family member need to be in the spotlight?

Age first. I don't see why a child modelling is any worse than a child acting, in fact I'd say it's a lot better, so why were the likes of Macauley Culkin, Dakota Fanning and Nicholas Hoult nurtured and loved as talented child stars? This is something that could also be brought up with Vogue, who will not personally work with models under the age of 16, and have hence said that Romeo Beckham will not be a cover star any time soon, but who view child actors as a different kettle of fish. I accept that this policy is based on the negative effects of the fashion industry on health and body-image, but child stars in most industries are subject to this so what goes for one should go for all. Furthermore, at the tender age of 8 Romeo Beckham was named as one of Britain's best-dressed men, and given who his parents are, he has obviously already had some exposure to the fashion world, so it's not as if this is a huge step, right? And it's not as if Dave and Vix pushed him towards it, Christopher Bailey apparently hand picked him for the job. I say if the child wants to model and he's good at it let him model, it's not as if he has lead a normal existence up until now and he certainly looks as if he was born to do it.

And as for those anti-Beckhamites out there, it's not the child's fault he's a Beckham (not that I think it's any bad thing). Granted that without the public spotlight that comes with his name David Bailey would not have known who he was to personally hand-pick him for the job, and that without his privileged background he would not have had access to the fashion that lead to him being named on Britain's best-dressed list, he did nonetheless get the gig on his own merit, albeit by using his situation to his utmost advantage (but then again in his [expensive] shoes, anyone would do the same). If David and Victoria Beckham aren't on your list of favourite celeb couples fair enough, but don't write off the kid just because of it.

At the end of the day, Burberry have another stylishly striking campaign and whilst I may not get the umbrella-one-foot-in-the-air pose (maybe I'm not as artsy as I'd like to believe) Romeo Beckham will no doubt play a huge part in it's success - I mean tell me you haven't noticed the cheeky grin and the already remarkable good looks? Move over David there's a new Beckham in town.

Un beso enorme.