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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Diary of a Parisian Office Worker: What can go wrong today?

So guess who's got this whole getting up on time thing down. Admittedly taking photos of myself at 9.56 and still arriving at work before 10 is a privilege I will only enjoy for a month, but it's a start. Haven't worked out what to do with my face yet (it would be a bit awkward to pose) so for now it's half camera.

Had I known that my other moccasin was not in sis's room in Cambridge but in fact hiding at the bottom of suitcase, they would have been my shoe of choice, but alas I did not know this and so I was stuck with the only office suitable pair of shoes available to me. Also, I may have a washing machine (although I'm not sure for how much longer given the noises coming from it rn) but I don't have an iron, which it turns out is pretty essential when your clothes have spent a sustained amount of time in a suitcase and you work in an office, so you may see this top a lot. 

Incase you were wondering what else is going on in my Paris saga, I can tell you that I did in fact make it unscathed to spinning this evening. It wasn't great and I'm not convinced I'm going back but that's okay, it was a free class. Even had a nice wee trip into the police station to make my 'declaration de perte' so next stop is the Consulate. Bet all those people who manage to keep hold of their passport don't know where that is so look who's laughing now. I did however manage to take another tour of the Parisian metro on my way home (I thought I was on line 6 but turns out I wasn't), and to my delight the only station I could change in was possibly the largest in the whole metro system. Probably could have walked home the length of time it took to get from one train to another, and hence the supermarket was closed when I walked past. Luckily I have a bowl full of oranges above the fridge, even if there is very little inside it.

Oh and big excitement today. I got to go to the Hotel de Crillon. She's living the Parisian dream finally you might think. Now have a look at what I had to wear, and think again. 

The boots just make it don't you think? Like i said, they were the only office appropriate shoes to hand, possibly not Hotel de Crillon worthy, "She'll do fine" were my bosses exact words. FINE?! Defs going to have to go all out on the fashion front once I get supplies from home, as well as new shoes, to show them I do know how to dress. The metro goers may also need convincing of this fact after my second homeless appearance in 3 days tonight. It was made even better by the addition of my handbag into the christmas jumper-leggings-trainer mix (I couldn't risk my driving license falling from my pocket tonight). Look out for me on Paris Street Style blogs. 


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