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Friday, 29 March 2013

Diary of a Parisian Office Worker: Good Friday?

The fact that I am spending my Friday night blogging and listening to Bonnie Tyler probably makes you wish you were me, so sorry for rubbing it in your life is crazy quoi. En fait this is not what I wore today rather on Wednesday, but I had literally the most loca day ever (more on that later) so there was malheureusement no time for pre-work photo-shoots. Must give a little shout out to a miss Rachael Jade Griffith for providing the dress, having a best friend who works in RI has its benefits.

So on my run last night I had a moment where I almost liked Paris. Pretty big breakthrough I thought, but it turns out Paris had other plans and today tried its very best to rid me of such thoughts. First there came another Eiffel Tower fiasco. After me swearing less than a month ago that I would never go near the place again I headed off this morning on a deceptively sunny Parisian morning to queue for tickets for clients. I arrived to the messiest and possibly longest queue I had ever seen and had to do my best not to turn and run. However I had my i-Pod and there was Spanish being spoken everywhere I turned so it wasn't looking too bad. Until that is, I realised how actually freezing it was and that I had forgotten my gloves. 30 minutes later and I couldn't feel my toes or fingers, but I only had about 30-45 more minutes to go so it was survivable. 60 minutes later and with NO sign of the clients I was colder than an ice sculpture and highly unamused. Turns out I queued for 90+ minutes for nothing other than the good of my health, which was no good at all. Señor Eiffel Tower and I are well and truly over this time, there is no going back from this one.

THEN, (yes there is more) I returned home at 6pm after a horribly long and stressful day (it got worse after the morning's fiasco), to find that the flat viewing I had lined up was, in fact, cancelled because the room had already been taken. Good Friday it was definitely not.

Happily though, this is where today's sob story ends because then I went to the gym. Obviously I was a little apprehensive after my previous gym experiences but the class was actually good (although not as good as Granada because nothing can beat Spain, obv), I met some actually friendly Parisians (I kid you not, they do exist) and spoke French. Et voilà I am now a member and Parisian life is on the up. You can tell this from the amount of French words making their way into tonight's blog #frenchmachine. There was a hairy moment in the metro when I couldn't find my i-Pod in my bag. Given my track record with gyms and losing things you can see why I almost ran back screaming onto the train, but thankfully it was just hiding under my towel and my heart palpitations could stop. Now all that's left to do is enjoy a 3 day weekend. Fiestaaaaaaaa.


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