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Monday, 11 March 2013

Diary of a Parisian Office Worker: #selfie

It suddenly dawned on me today when I was looking through my iPhoto library that I am quickly becoming some sort of serial mirror-selfie poser. Approximately one month ago I would have rather eaten an entire Marks & Spencer's carrot cake than take, never mind post, a mirror-selfie so this realisation is bothering me greatly. However pour le moment there's nothing I can do to avoid this (except not posting, but what would I do with my evenings then?) so basc just do not judge me, I am ashamed enough already. Although as if to disprove this, here is today's selfie pose.

I was feeling super business-woman like with my choice of outfit, very professional I thought. Turns out not everyone appreciated it. So I had to go to on a hotel outing and when I arrived back to the office I was greeted with "you wore that to the hotel?". Err, yes? There had been no mention of the red suit and there was no way in hell I was bringing it up, so I figured I was free to wear what I want, and figured a pair of dressy, lacey trousers would be a good choice. Except that to a non-fashion conscious male they look like some species of camouflage army trousers and so he did not share this opinion. Not amused. 

And you'll never guess what I saw in the office today: identical pink flower branches. Talk about making me feel cheap. Incase you're wondering electrician guy lives in the same courtyard and apparently also fixes work's sockets so it's not as weird as it would appear without this explanation. 

Other than that, today's excitement consists of a now burst blister (this occurred mid-run which really wasn't ideal) and me finding my post box. I did attempt to find it on Saturday and I did find it a bit odd that my key didn't even fit into any of the locks, never mind opening them, but as it would turn out that was because I was using the wrong key. It only took about 30 attempts today and thankfully no-one came and asked me what I was doing trying to open their post-box, so I am now the proud owner of box 43. Oh emm gee it's so exciting.


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