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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Diary of a Parisian Office Worker: Wow

Bonsoir mes cheries. You were almost lucky enough to have two studio style photos this evening, but then I decided you've seen the red suit once, there is no need for you to see it again. So here you have just the one standard camera-face photo, and a noticeable lack of accessories. TGIF tomorrow - I'll blow my hostess wages at the weekend and show you ma new bling next week.

Exciting progress today. Not only did I avoid major disaster (other than messing up my computer screen yet again and eating an almost entire pack of jaffa cakes), I actually impressed my boss. He said, and I quote, "Wow"! Say what now? Turns out A-level maths was actually useful for something in the real world, contrary to everything we said in class to make ourselves feel better for not having a clue. It may have been a relatively simple calculation, but the fact remains that I am no longer just the northern irish girl who says her vowels funny; apparently there only exist 3 vowels in my english - eeii, oouu and aaee - but what I don't get is how a Greek man can make fun of my accent?! Hashtag rude.

There was definitely more but my brain is too tired to think. There was literally nobody on the streets of Paris when I went out this morning which tells you something about what sort of ridiculous waking hour it was. I was even wapping someone in South America who hadn't gone to bed on Wednesday and there I was living it up on Thursday travelling across Paris in my red uniform. For this reason I will be in bed and asleep before 9.30, hard lad 2k13 hi.

P.S. for those who noticed Tuesday's grammar error, I hereby apologise for any offence caused. It is in fact 'consist of' and not 'consist in'. I am quite excited though because that was a error in English caused by thinking in Spanish and not the other way round. I may be living in Paris but my heart still lies in Spain. Os quiero!

Un besote

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