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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Diaries of a Parisian Office Worker: A week of highlights

After this week's two bank holidays I have decided that bank holidays are my favourite kind of day and would kindly appreciate it if who ever is in charge of setting the working calendar could see fit to give us two bank holidays every week. If you know who that person is, please direct them to this post. This short working week did however mean that there were only 3 possible days that I could photograph my work outfit, and given I'm struggling to do it once in a 5-day week, this was basically doomed from the start, so instead here is today's fruit-buying outfit (I like to try and look my best for the market sellers, maybe they'll give me some free fruit).

After a fabulous weekend with Gwen dining in some of Paris' top venues (namely La Durée, le Paradis du Fruit and my balcony) and strolling/bussing casually through la ville, this week had a lot to live up to. Monday's highlight was crying in front of my boss (people leaving me in Paris brings out my emotional side) which of course is always fun, especially when the reply is "you're 21, you need to harden up". In fact Monday was extra special and had 2 highlights, the second one being a bird pooing on my hand and bag. Tuesday's highlight was thanking my lucky stars it was only my hand the buggar pooed on as I watched Other Irish Intern have one poo on her hair. I'd rather like to think my racing to the nearest café to get some serviettes saved the day. I also think we've had enough of words containing poo for one post.

The obvious highlight of Wednesday and Thursday was not going to work and enjoying a lie-in until 9.30 (not loving my body clock rn), and Friday's was being greeted by a fully frontal naked Japanese woman as I walked into the gym changing rooms. That is not a mental image I wished to have but one that a lot of my fellow gym goers seem intent on providing me with. Finally today (skipping saturday because it was non-eventful), I somehow ended up with eye-liner lead on the bottom of my shorts and managed to draw some sort of charcoal design over my bedsheets with my ass. I think this is a skill that should go on my CV. 

And with that new-found talent I shall love and leave you. My alarm will be ringing in 8 hours and I'm already reaching for the snooze button.


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