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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Diaries of a Parisian Office Worker: Pyjama Day.

Happy Labour Day. Whilst my Spanish amigos have been out protesting for workers' rights, you can tell from today's outfit that I have been doing no such thing. This photo was taken at approximately 16h30 and I am not ashamed (although maybe I should be given I actually went out to the ATM in them?).  Pretty sure whoever came up with the concept of bank holidays meant for them to be pyjama days anyway, surtout quand il pleut dehors.

The day has not however been wasted. I am now up-to-date with Home and Away and Mad Men and getting there with Coronation Street (don't judge me, especially if you watch Made in Chelsea). I have also read and understood my french bank account details, tidied my handbags (yes plural) and organised my paper work #she'slivin'lavidaloca.

So as not to completely miss out on the fact that this pyjama day is being spent in France, I decided to put NRJ Hits on my TV to get a feel for French music (after 2 months it's about time, no?). Relatively bad idea. Aside from watching French men dressed up as Robin Hood dancing to what was essentially an Irish Jig and Justin Bieber singing into a headpiece that looks like a giant black golf ball stuck in front of his mouth, I discovered that I can put a name to the face of each member of One Direction (oh no) and will probably have nightmares for a week after seeing PSY's new video. In all seriousness, how is he even successful? I may spend my Sh'bam classes dancing to Gangnam Style like a pony on its hind legs but I was almost sick watching this. Like actually, this surpasses my hate for Mr Chow in the Hangover, and anyone who has watched that film with me knows that that is quite a strong hatred. Although just to balance out this negativity a little bit, below is a link for a pretty fabulous little song I did hear today. French music isn't all horrific. Although speaking of horrific, Cher Lloyd is now on my screen so we will move swiftly on before any positivity is lost...

My french may still not be improving perhaps as much as I would like, but I was reassured about my English this week (an actual slight worry for year abroad students) by an Israeli customer. First of all he walked into the office and greeted us with a 'Hey, what's up?" and then asked where I was from (he couldn't understand when I said "eight"until I said it like 'eeyytt'). Obviously I told him Northern Ireland (resisted adding in a 'hi lawd' at the end) to which he replied, "Oh. Your English is pretty good". Gee thanks. The amount of people I have met this year who ask what language we speak in (Northern) Ireland is ridiculous, so everyone, take note now. WE SPEAK ENGLISH.

And on that informative note today's blog ends here. Mama bear is making an appearance in Paris this weekend so unless something drastic happens to me tomorrow that I simply have to write about (although let's really hope that it doesn't), I will be back next week. Bonne fin de semaine et bon weekend à tous.


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