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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It literally isn’t me, it’s them.

New year, new essay deadlines, so I'm writing a new post instead. The other day I came across a fab article by blogger/traveller and all round girl-whose-life-I'd-like-to-steal Vanessa from Wander Onwards, and I felt like I'd hit gold and simply had to post about it.

To add to this, in a recent conversation with friends it was decided that we should all blog an X (insert appropriate noun here) a day. My X was photo. None of us have done it yet so I thought I'd get it going. I suggested (without thinking in the excitement of the moment) that I should post a photo that described how I was feeling that day. That idea was quickly shot down (and rightly so) for being a little too 15-year-old-emo-ish. Nonetheless today will be an exception because well, it's my blog and I can do what I want. Here is my favourite quote from that article and the photo of how I feel when I read it. I think you'll agree they are a perfect match.

"I’m seeing all of these notifications that “X and Y” have joined in matrimony and instantly, these waves of anxiety start to flow over me.  Should I be thinking about marriage? I’ve never even had a serious boy friend? Is there something wrong with me? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AND WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT FOR ALL THESE YEARS!?
But then I look at my life, my relationships, and my future… and I realize that, I’m f***ing awesome.  It literally isn’t me, it’s them."


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