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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Recuerdos Granainos.

Tonight's post is not a distraction, but a reward FOR FINISHING MY ESSAY. Okay so that's a lie I'm still only 3/10 of the way there but every little counts.

I seem to spend most of my supposed working time daydreaming and concocting plans for my future escape to Spain, so this photo's a little trip down memory lane, to Granada (where else?).

For those of you wondering, the writing on the wall says "Te Quiero Bicho". I'm assuming bicho also has some sort of affectionate meaning because "I love you, you insect" doesn't really have much of a romantic ring to it.  Let them never say that a languages degree is easy.

P.S Please note the new apparition of Google translate to the right-hand side of this post. I promise you it is a lot of fun reading their translation of my sarcasm.

Un besote amigos.

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